Ep. 3 – “Top 5 Windows Up Songs”

The crew is back with a brand new list: Top 5 “Windows Up” songs. What does this mean? It means Paz, The OG Gavin, and the crew put it out there: their 5 most beloved, yet heavily embarrassing, songs. As in songs that you’d only play in the whip with the windows ALL the way up. As in the kind of shit you’d never want your boys to find out that you’re heavy into. It gets real right from the start, and they hold NOTHING back. Power ballads, didgeridoos, something called “bro-country,” and Englebert Humperdinck are all referenced, and no song is too humiliating to make the cut. As The Paz was heard saying; “We’re going to some real dark places with this list.” Also, Vinnie answers listener mail; the crew introduces a new segment of quick recommendations highlighting their favorite books, films, music, and whatever else they are vibing on at the moment, and The Gavin gives a bit of life advice. Everybody laughs, cries, and, in the end, becomes a better person. The Broad Street Breakdown: helping you improve your life on a weekly basis.

Ep. 2 – Top 5 Gangster Rap Albums

This time the list expands to 5 choices as the crew attempts to pick the 5 greatest gangster rap albums ever made. Discussions over what exactly makes a record “gangsta’ rap” and why. Paz goes DEEP with his list, The Gavin makes up his own rules, and the Sicko gets banned from the mic for a ten minute punishment. Professor Pablo gets his own theme “music,” Cousin Friz stays handsome, and, as always, Scott the Engineer keeps it all going. Plus, the Gavin discusses “romance.” And sings. Also, listener mail is read and answered. Sort of…