Ep. 6 – “Heel Biz in Salem”

“Heel Biz in Salem”

This episode finds the crew knee deep in more biz talk, with Paz and The Gavin throwing around some all-time favorites. There is even talk of a top 5 list. The crew also addresses the season-ending episode of their most current obsession; “The Leftovers.” A spirited discussion about ‘90s “alternative” music culminates in Vinnie’s impression of the era’s “top” vocalists. Yeah, you don’t want to miss that. Also, The Sicko gets a new nickname directly from the Godfather of NYHC; Vinnie Stigma while the OG Gavin regales everyone with a tale of Christmastime heat from days past, and Professor Pablo takes us all to a VERY scary place with his “Cheapo Tip of the Week.” As always, the crew answers some listener emails and provide you with recommendations as far as stuff they are into this week. The Broad Street Breakdown: dreams really do come true.

Ep. 5 – “Walk for One Block, Run for Two”

“Walk for One Block, Run for Two.”

This week Paz and The OG Gavin get heavy into the wrestling biz and break it down for all the marks, smarks, and even the rubes. Meanwhile, the Man of the People has heat with some elderly ladies in a diner parking lot, The Sicko disparages a beloved American institution in a brand new segment entitled “Sicko’s Contrarian Corner” and, of course, Professor Pablo has some bizarre new tips designed to save you money in his “Cheapo Tip of the Week.” The etymology of the word “jawn” is discussed, while the crew explains the origins of the word “gimmick.” Also, more listener mail is read, OG Gavin extols the virtues of Uber, and Cousin Friz gives you his 4 rules for life. That’s right: Friz has rules. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: All Philly, all day.

Ep. 4- “Windows Up Fallout”

The Breakdown is back and the boys are at it again. After recovering from the fallout of the “windows up” episode, the BSB crew dive right back into it. This week The OG Gavin has heat with a cheese sandwich and declares himself a “man of the people,” Vinnie Paz talks King Diamond and the genius of Kubrick, and the crew debuts a brand new segment (complete with a jingle!) called “Pablo’s Cheapo Tip of the Week.” Listener mail is read and answered, The Gavin gives an insightful look into the world of tattooing and the crew expounds on the crucial necessity of The Jam, “This Is England,” and Jadakiss. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense after you hear it. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown, little droogies.