Ep. 9 – “The Snowman Screenplay”

In this episode the crew pays homage to David Bowie. Afterwards, Vinnie leads an attack on the Coachella festival, which turns into a discussion of band reunions (and results in some pretty good singing by the boys). Then, by listener request, The OG Gavin finally tells the Tim Roth Story, and it is not to be missed. In a bizarre twist, Professor Pablo brings his vision for an epic biopic to the studio and discusses, in great depth, a fantastic script telling the story of The Broad Street Breakdown. Each member of the cast has a role, and each person learns of which actor will play him, and the results are pretty goddamn funny. Only the warped mind of Professor Pablo could come up with this stuff. As usual, listener mail is read and the crew serves up some choice recommendations for you. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: We are the flowers in your dustbin.

Ep. 8 – “A Pop Culture Tour of ‘Nam”

On this week’s episode Vinnie and The OG reveal their New Year’s Eve festivities; a breakdown of “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” is offered, which leads into an excoriation of Jimmy Buffet and the parrot-head culture. Once again, Paz and The OG Gavin talk biz: ROH, New Japan and NXT are all discussed. The Man of the People not only puts a bounty on the head of one of the 5 Seconds of Summer dudes, he also tells about an epic battle with baby wipes. Stevie Puerto Rico directs an invective-filled diatribe as he goes in on Tarantino in his Curmudgeon’s Corner. Professor Pablo talks about lawn care, varmints, and digging holes in his Cheapo Tip of the Week. The Rapid Fire – Word Association gimmick is back once again, with a whole new list of musical acts to dissect. Listener mail is read and the crew puts together another list of killer recommendations for you to check out. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: we’re here to smarten youse up.

Ep. 7 – “Jim Bony Judo”

This week the crew is visited by old friends as Sheer Terror’s own Jason Carter sits in on the show, along with your favorite tattoo artist, Jackie Brown. The OG Gavin once again takes up the cause of the people as he squares up for round two in the eternal cheese sandwich struggle. Paz and the boys relive the old days as they introduce you to a place known only as “The Bazaar.” Topics broached include “Square, Not a Square,” a recap of the crew’s latest outing to Ring of Honor Wrestling, and the tragic loss of Motorhead frontman Lemmy. Meanwhile, Stevie Puerto Rico gives his review of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and also gets his own jingle for this installment of Sicko’s Cromulent Corner. In a new segment Paz, OG, and The Professor play a game of “Word Association,” which is equal parts ire and praise. Of course, the Professor Pablo takes you on another dark road in a classic segment of the Cheapo Tip of the Week, some listener mail is read, and the crew has a new round of choice recommendations for you. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: we roll the nickels.