Ep. 11- “Just Watch the Train Wreck from the Station”

This episode goes to eleven. As usual, the Professor and the OG butt heads over just about everything. Vinnie and Gavin break down the biz, covering the Daniel Bryan retirement as well as giving you a lesson in the art of the worked shoot. A viewing of Sacha Jenkins’ “Fresh Dressed” leads to an insightful and spirited discussion examining the importance of fashion in various subcultures; most notably throughout Hip Hop and Punk Rock. Professor Pablo returns with another Cheapo Tip of the Week and the crew delves into another round of Word Association. As usual, listener mail is read and some killer recommendations are served up. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: The real rain is now falling.

Ep. 10 – “Best Thing Since Pants With Pockets”

Paz and the crew celebrate their tenth episode with a visit from No Stayer’s Mick Brochu. The Melty Sicko snowman screenplay gimmick is revisited and marveled over. The OG Gavin wars with ‘90s technology. A discussion of politics in music is had, and Friz rejoins the show after a lengthy absence. A new name is picked for the Broad Street Breakdown’s listening audience; a movement is born and an army is unleashed. Vinnie and Gavin discuss, at length, Royal Rumble and the upcoming Wrestlemania. Pablo’s Cheapo Tip of the Week returns, and the gang gears up for another round of the Word Association gimmick. Also, listener mail is read and answered, and another round of killer recommendations is offered. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.