Ep. 13 – “My Head Is Angry”

After a bit of a hiatus the Broad Street Breakdown returns. Vinnie recaps a trip to NYC and some work put in with the legendary D.I.T.C. crew. Bouffant Pablo aka Professor Goodbody cuts a popcorn promo. The Man of the People has heat with just about EVERYBODY in a Dunkin Donuts. The good brother Planetary stops by and joins in as the crew pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Phife. Afterwards, the boys delve into a deep discussion about liking artists whose personal viewpoints and artistic expressions may not jibe with their own. It’s an interesting conversation that explores a lot more than just art and music. Then, OG and Vinnie bring it all back to the biz, as they set youse up real nice with a go home show in preparation for the upcoming Wrestlemania gimmick. Another round of the Word Association game takes place, listener email is read, the crew drops their recommendations and, of course, Professor Pablo hooks you up with another Cheapo Tip of the Week. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


Ep. 12 – “The Word Is What I Said the Word Is”

BSB’s big night out! The crew recounts a bizarre evening in Philadelphia spent seeing hardcore bands (and one very strange naked dude) as they give you a Friday night story for the ages. Following that, Vinnie goes into some vintage Jedi Mind Tricks’ tour stories. The crew goes down another dark path as a very detailed account of various grooming practices is shared for your benefit. Gavin and The Sicko recap last episode’s Harry Nilsson/Glen Campbell debate with a decisive conclusion. Paz and OG Gavin lead another in-depth discussion about the biz, taking time to explain and clarify some of the deep slang and carny terms associated with the sport of kings. Professor Pablo checks in with another Cheapo Tip of the Week, listener email is read, and another spirited round of the Word Association gimmick is played. As usual, the brothers come through with some more recommendations, everybody laughs, and we all go home. The Broad Street Breakdown: It’s gorgeousness and gorgeosity.