Ep. 15 – “I Don’t Like Being Told Things”

Another night out is recounted as The OG, The Sicko and The Professor travel to Delaware to see old friends Sheer Terror and Stormwatch play. The Man of the People goes to war as oversleeping and a flat tire lead to a bad day that involves a skirmish with a Philadelphia cab driver. Things get a little somber as the crew delivers a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Prince, while Vinnie and The OG discuss the career and the death of Chyna. Afterwards, a discussion of the recent Tower Records documentary leads to a reminiscence of the importance of record stores and how influential they were in everyone’s lives. A scintillating round of the Word Association gimmick reveals a shocking twist in the “Who’s Worse” championship of the world. Pablo’s Cheapo Tip of the Week takes a an abrupt turn and Vin reads some of his best fan messages in everybody’s favorite segment, “Dear Vin.” As usual the BSB hips youse with some great recommendations, because they care about you. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: We just can’t hate enough.

Ep. 14 – “There’s Us and There’s Them… And We Ain’t Them”

Fresh off a festival performance, Vinnie returns from Vegas with some Jedi Mind Tricks stories. The crew pays homage to the great Allen Iverson while the OG Gavin takes up the call as the Man of the People and airs his beef with the Villanova parade. The crew dissects the latest Professor Pablo film, “The Civil War,” and, of course, Wrestlemania is discussed at length. Vinnie and the OG explain why they have heat with Hulk Hogan, and why you should, too. The Johnny Marr drop is premiered, with a giant middle finger to Sicko. Professor Pablo returns with another Cheapo Tip of the Week, there’s a round of the Word Association gimmick, listener mail is read and answered, and the crew comes through with more killer recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: We talking about PRACTICE.