Ep. 16 – And You Can’t Teach That

It’s the OG Gavin’s birthday! Professor Pablo serenades the Gavin in a very creepy way, and the show kicks off with a variable on the “Who’s Worse” game that gets everyone thinking (and includes even more singing). A few rounds go down, and then Vinnie and the OG launch into a topic questioning the nature of happiness and its relationship to intelligence and enlightenment. The ensuing discussion gets really heavy, no one holds back, and the results are revealing. Vin and The OG give you their rundown of what’s going on in the biz with a sidebar into their all-time favorite programs. Beach Body Pablo checks in with an update on his “progress.” The usual gimmicks are dug: Word Association, the listener mailbag, “Dear Vin” and, of course, the crew’s most recent round of recommendations are proffered. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Realest guys in the room.