Ep. 24 – “Look, Man: Nobody Tells Me Shit”

It’s family night at the Macaroni Mansion. Broad Street Breakdown is all about family, and once again Ms. Kathleine joins the OG and Vinnie to help redefine the concept of family and examine the idea that it ain’t always blood that makes the people in your life fam. As usual, there is much to discuss about the Biz, and Paz and The OG take an in-depth look at the Orton vs Lesnar match and give youse marks and smarks a lesson in the art of the hardway. The usual gimmicks return: Word Association (with a special guest appearance from the devil), “Dear Vin,” and the Professor’s Cheapo Tip is a vacation masterpiece. More listener email is read, and the squad imparts some choice recommendations for youse to explore. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: They’re up there clutching their guns, man, and it makes you feel real small.

Ep. 23 – “Philip Amino Has Balls”

“Philip Amino Has Balls”

Gather ’round, Gimmick Gang: we’ve got some BIG news for youse. This week’s installment of Broad Street Breakdown sees the crew joined by a special guest as the Bosslady herself, Ms. Kathleine, sits in with the boys. Things pick up right where they left off from the last episode as we venture further down the path of the OG’s quest to not tap while sleeping. Vinnie and The OG dive right back into last episode’s derailed discussion on the importance of skateboard culture with lots of sidetracking down memory lane. After that it’s news time, and the squad drops a bombshell as the BSB takes the next step and levels up. Afterwards, it’s all things Biz, as Paz and the OG discuss the sport of kings. Of course, all your favorite gimmicks return: Vinnie serves up another dose of the daily hell that is his life in “Dear Vin” while the Professor takes umbrage with, of all people, Mama Paz, over an anti-chep “life hack.” Word Association is played and listener emails are read, a new “Who’s Worse” champ is crowned and, as always, the squad sends you home with some choice recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Lay down your soul to the gods’ rock and roll.

Ep. 22 – “Three Inches off the Hip”

Live from the Macaroni Mansion, the gang returns with another fine episode of the Breakdown. First up: The OG visits the doctor and prepares for a sleep study gimmick. Then, a recap of This Is Hardcore weekend and everything that went down with Philly’s favorite hardcore fest. An attempt at discussing the importance of skate culture gets derailed when the OG calls an audible and the crew instead goes off the rails and talks about the Rolling Stone top 40 “punk rock” bands list. Meanwhile, in Biz talk, with a lull in the summer program, Paz and the OG dive into their top tag-team tandems of all time. As usual, your favorite segments are represented: “Dear Vin,” Listener emails, and the Professor AKA Producer Pablo pulls out a special hat for this installment of the Word Association gimmick. Another Cheapo Tip is offered, and the squad comes through with more recommendations for youse to check out. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: we tried to look on the Brightside…found out there isn’t one.