Ep. 61 – “What’s Scary Now, Motherfucker?”

It’s a Jackie Brown kind of night! Jackie Brown sits in with the guys for this episode as she and the OG tell the story of the recent marriage proposal. It’s a tale to warm the heart. Everyone is very excited for the upcoming This Is Hardcore extravaganza and the Professor is excited about his trip “down da shore.” In true Pablo fashion, he pits a call out for free drinks while he vacations and a discussion of the Jersey shore ensues. The Sicko “ughhhh” counter is still working, pretzels and Slurpees abound, and the fidget spinners are spinning. Vinnie and the OG discuss, in depth, the upcoming McGregor vs. Mayweather debacle with their particular brand of insight. As usual, the BSB gimmicks are highlighted; word association, “Dear Vin,” and The Professor has something of a tip concerning leftover pretzels. There is mail to be read and, as always, we send youse home with some recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Fuck those unknown motherfuckers, without a ten foot pole they can’t touch us…

Ep. 60 – “You Got Heat with Beeker?”

From a Muppets discussion to the finer points of Slurpee mixing, the BSB has you covered when it comes to flavor. Since the Sicko hates everything, the OG starts a counter; every time The Sicko utters his trademark, disapproving “ugh” The OG marks it on the counter. Can you guess how many times? Hint: it’s a lot. The OG tells a Man of the People tale about etiquette and ice cream. A conversation is sparked about the recent “revenge porn” situation involving Rob Kardashian, and the BSB crew gives their take on the fervent worship of celebrity culture and the apparent lack of morality in said culture. In Biz talk, the OG looks forward to the recent pay-per-view and he and Vinnie discuss Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Samoa Joe and Brock, among other things. As always, the usual gimmicks make their appearance, The Sicko takes back word association, The Talent has a tip that’s not a tip, the usual “Dear Vin” troglodytes represent, The Professor reads letters from the mailbag, and the episode winds up, as always, with some proper recommendations from the crew. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: “Don’t you watch my size, I’m dangerous…”