Ep. 2 – Top 5 Gangster Rap Albums

This time the list expands to 5 choices as the crew attempts to pick the 5 greatest gangster rap albums ever made. Discussions over what exactly makes a record “gangsta’ rap” and why. Paz goes DEEP with his list, The Gavin makes up his own rules, and the Sicko gets banned from the mic for a ten minute punishment. Professor Pablo gets his own theme “music,” Cousin Friz stays handsome, and, as always, Scott the Engineer keeps it all going. Plus, the Gavin discusses “romance.” And sings. Also, listener mail is read and answered. Sort of…

Episode 1

The crew settles in for their very first podcast. Top 3 punk rock albums of all time are discussed in depth, with several “honorable mentions” up for debate. Paz, Gavin, and Pablo each come with a three-deep list of genre-defining albums. Who wins top honors of best album ever made? What does Paz have as his all-time number one? Favorite records; favorite record stores discussed, along with reminiscences on buying records in the ‘80s. The Sicko rambles, Cousin Friz is handsome and Scott the Engineer keeps it all together. The Gavin yells at Professor Pablo. Paz yells at Professor Pablo. Pretty much everyone yells at Professor Pablo. Hilarity ensues. It’s the Breakdown.