Ep. 68 – “Treadmill Trousers or Just Poles and Crevices?”

While marveling over the Blo’s prodigious and voluminous bouffant, a challenge is extended to the listening audience: a better bouffant? We dare you to find one that outshines the glorious tresses of The Professor. Afterwards, on the eve of Manson’s death, the crew discusses Charlie’s impact on history, society, and American culture at large. If Charlie is the hate that hate made, how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of the society that created him? As usual the requisite gimmicks are played: Tall Paul’s Word Association is back, “Dear Vin” is an epiphany of madness, the world of Chep is examined in “Cheap or Crazy,” Gimmick Gang emails are read and answered, and the BSB sends youse home with some choice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking king of my jungle just a gangster stalking…

Ep. 63 – “Litigious: The Biggest Titties You’ve Ever Seen”

After a lengthy hiatus the BSB crew is back and there is much to discuss and a lot of catching up to do. The Sicko starts it off with an exclusive announcement about a new book his company will be publishing. The Professor recounts another trip “down da shore,” complete with a preemptive Cheapo Tip. The OG recounts the shooting of the latest Done Deal video. Triple Lindy Pazzy talks about his latest Jedi Mind Tricks tour while invoking the Revenge of the Nerds series of films as well as describing adventures trying to cross the border into Canada. Frank Vincent and Grant Hart are memorialized. Biz talk is back: Steen rules, AJ rules, and Raw is shit. But Smackdown was fucking brilliant. Biz talk leads into OG’s story about how he watched McGregor/Mayweather. The usual gimmicks make the rounds: Tall Paul’s magic box of suggestions fuels the Word Association game, the maniacs represent in “Dear Vin,” The Talent brings his Cheapo Tip and the crew answers questions from the Gimmick Gang. Everything wraps up with the boys’ recommendations and everyone goes home happy. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: DERNT!




Episode 1

The crew settles in for their very first podcast. Top 3 punk rock albums of all time are discussed in depth, with several “honorable mentions” up for debate. Paz, Gavin, and Pablo each come with a three-deep list of genre-defining albums. Who wins top honors of best album ever made? What does Paz have as his all-time number one? Favorite records; favorite record stores discussed, along with reminiscences on buying records in the ‘80s. The Sicko rambles, Cousin Friz is handsome and Scott the Engineer keeps it all together. The Gavin yells at Professor Pablo. Paz yells at Professor Pablo. Pretty much everyone yells at Professor Pablo. Hilarity ensues. It’s the Breakdown.