Ep. 70 – “Born Enough to Watch It”

Episode 70: Setlist


  • Philly Accent
  • Eagles Parade
  • The Shining / Scatman Crothers
  • Heavy Metal Kings / Done Deal Shows


  • Patriotic Planes Parade
  • Word Association
  • Dear Vin
  • Pablo Cheapo Tip of the Week
  • Mailbag
  • Recommendations

Ep. 69 – “The 4th of July-Vul”

Episode 69: “The 4th of July-Vul”

‘Tis the season of giving, and the BSB is a gift that outlasts the holiday. We keep giving. After a classic Professor fuck up, jubilation is the order of the day, as we learn about Pablo’s holiday extravaganza. There’s a story about Pazzy and a bear, military pops, Yakov Smirnoff, and film stock. After that, it’s gift-getting time. Two very generous Gimmick Gangers sent some amazing presents to the show and everybody is blown away by the thoughtfulness of the gifts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Meanwhile, the “no pretzel” gimmick is still vexing the crew and even threatening to break up the band.  The Word Association gimmick gets a new twist as a longtime friend tries his hoof at submitting a word list. A special guest appearance pops everyone, “Dear Vin” is the same bizarre gagortion it always is, The Professor has a “collage” of wedding-inspired casino tips for youse, Gimmick Gang mail is read and answered, and, as always, the squad sets youse up with some real nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Find a weapon, bash their skulls in, don’t they make you sick? Kill these fuckin’ pricks…

Ep. 68 – “Treadmill Trousers or Just Poles and Crevices?”

While marveling over the Blo’s prodigious and voluminous bouffant, a challenge is extended to the listening audience: a better bouffant? We dare you to find one that outshines the glorious tresses of The Professor. Afterwards, on the eve of Manson’s death, the crew discusses Charlie’s impact on history, society, and American culture at large. If Charlie is the hate that hate made, how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of the society that created him? As usual the requisite gimmicks are played: Tall Paul’s Word Association is back, “Dear Vin” is an epiphany of madness, the world of Chep is examined in “Cheap or Crazy,” Gimmick Gang emails are read and answered, and the BSB sends youse home with some choice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking king of my jungle just a gangster stalking…

Ep. 67 – “Lobotomized Kennedy”

It’s a family reunion as The Broad Street Breakdown celebrates the triumphant return of Cousin Friz! Everyone loves the Frank, and it’s like he never left. The crew gives a recap of the recent wedding of The OG and Jackie Brown, in which a splendid time was had by all. There was keck, there was dancing, masks, and everyone looked real sharp, ya dig? After that a more serious topic is broached: with the recent spate of sexual assault and abuse allegations in the world of entertainment, the squad gives their take on recent events in a discussion that encompasses mental health issues, addiction, and Corey Feldman’s movie. As usual, all the gimmicks make their rounds: a special Jimmy Blast edition of word association is proffered, The Talent has a wedding-themed Cheapo Tip, “Dear Vin” is the usual bloodbath you’ve come to expect, letters from the Gimmick Gang are read and answered, and, as always, we send youse home with some real nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Peace to my family, death to my enemies…

Ep. 66 – “666: The Mark of the Breast”

Episode 66: “666: The Mark of the Breast”

Timing is everything, and episode 66 kicks off with a delicate discussion of… sexy time. The OG is back on the mint kick and eats 9,429 mints inside of two minutes. It’s a scene. After that, the BSB analyzes this year’s nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and dissect each act with their unique blend of insight and humor. Vinnie and the OG discuss the current state of the Biz. The usual gimmicks are invoked, with a spooky Halloween appearance by a very special guest star during word association. “Dear Vin” is a bloodbath worthy of Halloween horror, The Professor has a Cheapo “antidote” for youse, Gimmick Gang emails are read and answered, and, as always, the BSB sets youse up with some very nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Because of all we’ve seen, because of all we’ve said, we are the dead…

Ep. 65 – “If You Don’t Have The Marbles For This Life Anymore, Just Say So”

Episode 65: “If You Don’t Have The Marbles For This Life Anymore Just Say So”

It’s a birthday extravaganza!!! The crew celebrates Vinnie’s birthday with balloons, presents, and, of course, keck. A query is posed regarding Slayer’s appearance on late night TV talk shows. After the horrifying events in Las Vegas, a sobering discussion of violence, guns, rights, and the politicization of tragedy ensues. After a keck breck, some more sad news as Vinnie and the crew memorialize a dear old friend who recently passed; DJ Stef. In biz talk the discussion centers around the deaths of Lance Russell and Bobby The Brain and The OG and Pz reminisce about the glory days. The crew realizes how much they liked Tom Petty’s music and how brilliant Harry Dean Stanton was. The requisite gimmicks are revisited: Tall Paul’s word association box is back in play, “Dear Vin” is the usual horrorshow, The Professor has a birthday-themed Cheapo Tip, and Gimmick Gang mail is asked and answered. The BSB wraps it all up with the squad’s recommendations and that’s that. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Today is as good a day as any to tell you to go get fucked…

Ep. 64 – “Gavin Coolidge: My Favorite President”

Ep. 64- “Gavin Coolidge: My Favorite President”

To kneel or not to kneel, that is the question. The crew delves into the prevalent issue of athletes kneeling for the national anthem. In the course of the discussion topics like nationalism, social standing, flags, anthems, wealth and class are all explored. Is there power in a gesture? How important is the messenger who delivers the message? After that, there is some awful, AWFUL news for the pidcast crew and their nightly routine. The Professor and The OG return from their Slurpee and pretzel run with a bombshell of breaking news and The Ko and Vinnie are devastated. Jackie Brown wants to punch Nicolas Cage in the face and also explains what “sounding” is. Tall Paul’s Word Association box is back, “Dear Vin” is the mad parade, The Talent’s Cheapo tip is a window into the grim world of the Professor’s mind. Gimmick Gang mail is read and answered, there is a lot of cock talk, and the squad recommends stuff. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I don’t need some pig to tell me what the rules are…

Ep. 63 – “Litigious: The Biggest Titties You’ve Ever Seen”

After a lengthy hiatus the BSB crew is back and there is much to discuss and a lot of catching up to do. The Sicko starts it off with an exclusive announcement about a new book his company will be publishing. The Professor recounts another trip “down da shore,” complete with a preemptive Cheapo Tip. The OG recounts the shooting of the latest Done Deal video. Triple Lindy Pazzy talks about his latest Jedi Mind Tricks tour while invoking the Revenge of the Nerds series of films as well as describing adventures trying to cross the border into Canada. Frank Vincent and Grant Hart are memorialized. Biz talk is back: Steen rules, AJ rules, and Raw is shit. But Smackdown was fucking brilliant. Biz talk leads into OG’s story about how he watched McGregor/Mayweather. The usual gimmicks make the rounds: Tall Paul’s magic box of suggestions fuels the Word Association game, the maniacs represent in “Dear Vin,” The Talent brings his Cheapo Tip and the crew answers questions from the Gimmick Gang. Everything wraps up with the boys’ recommendations and everyone goes home happy. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: DERNT!




Ep. 62 – “Bumping Merkins”

Broad Street Breakdown has a studio audience full of family for episode 62 and things get a little crazy. The Professor pops EVERYONE in this one. The crew recaps their weekend at This Is hardcore and the Talent talks about his family vacation “down da shore.” Also, we find out the name of the zebra from the old Fruit Stripe gum. The OG and the Professor recap the recent Done Deal show in Brooklyn. In Biz talk, The OG rails against the apparent elitism he sees among the marks and tells you what’s what. As always, the squad brings it with the usual gimmicks, including a new twist on the word association game. Vinnie’s got some thoughts from some fuckin’ maniacs in this installment of “Dear Vin.” There’s a Cheapo Tip about male grooming, we read and answer letters from the Gimmick Gang and wrap it up with some nice recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Your whole aura is Plexiglas…

Ep. 61 – “What’s Scary Now, Motherfucker?”

It’s a Jackie Brown kind of night! Jackie Brown sits in with the guys for this episode as she and the OG tell the story of the recent marriage proposal. It’s a tale to warm the heart. Everyone is very excited for the upcoming This Is Hardcore extravaganza and the Professor is excited about his trip “down da shore.” In true Pablo fashion, he pits a call out for free drinks while he vacations and a discussion of the Jersey shore ensues. The Sicko “ughhhh” counter is still working, pretzels and Slurpees abound, and the fidget spinners are spinning. Vinnie and the OG discuss, in depth, the upcoming McGregor vs. Mayweather debacle with their particular brand of insight. As usual, the BSB gimmicks are highlighted; word association, “Dear Vin,” and The Professor has something of a tip concerning leftover pretzels. There is mail to be read and, as always, we send youse home with some recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Fuck those unknown motherfuckers, without a ten foot pole they can’t touch us…