Ep. 64 – “Gavin Coolidge: My Favorite President”

Ep. 64- “Gavin Coolidge: My Favorite President”

To kneel or not to kneel, that is the question. The crew delves into the prevalent issue of athletes kneeling for the national anthem. In the course of the discussion topics like nationalism, social standing, flags, anthems, wealth and class are all explored. Is there power in a gesture? How important is the messenger who delivers the message? After that, there is some awful, AWFUL news for the pidcast crew and their nightly routine. The Professor and The OG return from their Slurpee and pretzel run with a bombshell of breaking news and The Ko and Vinnie are devastated. Jackie Brown wants to punch Nicolas Cage in the face and also explains what “sounding” is. Tall Paul’s Word Association box is back, “Dear Vin” is the mad parade, The Talent’s Cheapo tip is a window into the grim world of the Professor’s mind. Gimmick Gang mail is read and answered, there is a lot of cock talk, and the squad recommends stuff. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I don’t need some pig to tell me what the rules are…

Ep. 20 – “Seven-Toed Pete”

Broad Street Breakdown celebrates a milestone with its 20th episode, and the crew brings their A-game for this one. After catching up, the OG kicks it off with a South Street story that somehow leads into a new game of “How do you say?” which explores the unique sound of the Philly accent. After a few good laughs the squad settles into a heavy discussion of the current political climate in the United States that goes down some interesting roads. But, as is always the case with The Breakdown, they balance it out with a steady dose of humor and the requisite ball-breaking you’ve come to know and love. The usual gimmicks are trotted out: Word Association, listener email, “Dear Vin,” and The Professor represents with a special 20th episode edition of his Cheapo Tip of the Week. Vinnie and the OG break down wrestling deal with some in-depth analysis of the biz and the crew sends you off with another round of killer recommendations that you should be checking for. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: the writing’s on the wall and the penmanship sucks.

Ep. 19 – “South Philly, Macaroni, and a Gimmick”

When a scheduling conflict arises, the BSB goes underground and adapts. This week’s episode, brought to you by Chopper and executive producer Lydon “Big L” Gavin, straight from the dining room of OG Gavin’s house. Engineer extraordinaire Supe Stallone was unavailable this week, due to being entrenched in mixing Vinnie’s new record, so the crew did what they do best: they went back to their DIY/ punk rock roots to bring you a new episode live from the crib, with Gavin making macaroni and all of Jackie Brown’s voodoo gimmicks giving everyone the heebie jeebies. This episode finds the OG, Paz, the Sicko and the Professor delving into some pretty heavy stuff; a discussion of America’s culture of violence goes down some interesting paths, with Paz shutting down Stevie Puerto Rico, and Vinnie and the Sicko breakdown the documentary “O.J.: Made in America.” Meanwhile, the Professor gives us a full account of his trip to Jamaica. Vinnie and the OG go in on the Biz, with a heavy discussion on the upcoming draft. The BSB also brings you all your favorite segments: The Word Association Gimmick, listener emails, Recommendations, and, of course, “Dear Vin.” It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Our crew is thicker than Sunday gravy.

Ep. 18 – “You Don’t Understand How Earth Works”

It’s anniversary time! Vinnie and the boys kick off this episode with a trip down memory lane as they recall how Sicko met Mrs. Sicko, then tell the story behind Professor Pablo’s wedding. The OG Gavin comes up with a new gimmick about heavy band names that gets everyone going. The OG sparks a new topic by recounting an encounter with a young passer-by that leads to a discussion on the subject of whatever happened to subculture etiquette. As usual, Paz and the OG break down the biz for youse and there is a new “Who’s Worse” world champion crowned. Professor Pablo checks in with another Cheapo story, the Word Association gimmick gets another go-round, Vinnie blesses everyone with a new installment of “Dear Vin,” listener e-mail is read and the BSB gang comes through with another list of recommendations for youse. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: All you hippies better start to face reality.

Ep. 16 – And You Can’t Teach That

It’s the OG Gavin’s birthday! Professor Pablo serenades the Gavin in a very creepy way, and the show kicks off with a variable on the “Who’s Worse” game that gets everyone thinking (and includes even more singing). A few rounds go down, and then Vinnie and the OG launch into a topic questioning the nature of happiness and its relationship to intelligence and enlightenment. The ensuing discussion gets really heavy, no one holds back, and the results are revealing. Vin and The OG give you their rundown of what’s going on in the biz with a sidebar into their all-time favorite programs. Beach Body Pablo checks in with an update on his “progress.” The usual gimmicks are dug: Word Association, the listener mailbag, “Dear Vin” and, of course, the crew’s most recent round of recommendations are proffered. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Realest guys in the room.

Ep. 6 – “Heel Biz in Salem”

“Heel Biz in Salem”

This episode finds the crew knee deep in more biz talk, with Paz and The Gavin throwing around some all-time favorites. There is even talk of a top 5 list. The crew also addresses the season-ending episode of their most current obsession; “The Leftovers.” A spirited discussion about ‘90s “alternative” music culminates in Vinnie’s impression of the era’s “top” vocalists. Yeah, you don’t want to miss that. Also, The Sicko gets a new nickname directly from the Godfather of NYHC; Vinnie Stigma while the OG Gavin regales everyone with a tale of Christmastime heat from days past, and Professor Pablo takes us all to a VERY scary place with his “Cheapo Tip of the Week.” As always, the crew answers some listener emails and provide you with recommendations as far as stuff they are into this week. The Broad Street Breakdown: dreams really do come true.