Ep. 68 – “Treadmill Trousers or Just Poles and Crevices?”

While marveling over the Blo’s prodigious and voluminous bouffant, a challenge is extended to the listening audience: a better bouffant? We dare you to find one that outshines the glorious tresses of The Professor. Afterwards, on the eve of Manson’s death, the crew discusses Charlie’s impact on history, society, and American culture at large. If Charlie is the hate that hate made, how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of the society that created him? As usual the requisite gimmicks are played: Tall Paul’s Word Association is back, “Dear Vin” is an epiphany of madness, the world of Chep is examined in “Cheap or Crazy,” Gimmick Gang emails are read and answered, and the BSB sends youse home with some choice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking king of my jungle just a gangster stalking…

Ep. 20 – “Seven-Toed Pete”

Broad Street Breakdown celebrates a milestone with its 20th episode, and the crew brings their A-game for this one. After catching up, the OG kicks it off with a South Street story that somehow leads into a new game of “How do you say?” which explores the unique sound of the Philly accent. After a few good laughs the squad settles into a heavy discussion of the current political climate in the United States that goes down some interesting roads. But, as is always the case with The Breakdown, they balance it out with a steady dose of humor and the requisite ball-breaking you’ve come to know and love. The usual gimmicks are trotted out: Word Association, listener email, “Dear Vin,” and The Professor represents with a special 20th episode edition of his Cheapo Tip of the Week. Vinnie and the OG break down wrestling deal with some in-depth analysis of the biz and the crew sends you off with another round of killer recommendations that you should be checking for. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: the writing’s on the wall and the penmanship sucks.