Ep. 70 – “Born Enough to Watch It”

Episode 70: Setlist


  • Philly Accent
  • Eagles Parade
  • The Shining / Scatman Crothers
  • Heavy Metal Kings / Done Deal Shows


  • Patriotic Planes Parade
  • Word Association
  • Dear Vin
  • Pablo Cheapo Tip of the Week
  • Mailbag
  • Recommendations

Ep. 66 – “666: The Mark of the Breast”

Episode 66: “666: The Mark of the Breast”

Timing is everything, and episode 66 kicks off with a delicate discussion of… sexy time. The OG is back on the mint kick and eats 9,429 mints inside of two minutes. It’s a scene. After that, the BSB analyzes this year’s nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and dissect each act with their unique blend of insight and humor. Vinnie and the OG discuss the current state of the Biz. The usual gimmicks are invoked, with a spooky Halloween appearance by a very special guest star during word association. “Dear Vin” is a bloodbath worthy of Halloween horror, The Professor has a Cheapo “antidote” for youse, Gimmick Gang emails are read and answered, and, as always, the BSB sets youse up with some very nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Because of all we’ve seen, because of all we’ve said, we are the dead…

Ep. 62 – “Bumping Merkins”

Broad Street Breakdown has a studio audience full of family for episode 62 and things get a little crazy. The Professor pops EVERYONE in this one. The crew recaps their weekend at This Is hardcore and the Talent talks about his family vacation “down da shore.” Also, we find out the name of the zebra from the old Fruit Stripe gum. The OG and the Professor recap the recent Done Deal show in Brooklyn. In Biz talk, The OG rails against the apparent elitism he sees among the marks and tells you what’s what. As always, the squad brings it with the usual gimmicks, including a new twist on the word association game. Vinnie’s got some thoughts from some fuckin’ maniacs in this installment of “Dear Vin.” There’s a Cheapo Tip about male grooming, we read and answer letters from the Gimmick Gang and wrap it up with some nice recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Your whole aura is Plexiglas…

Ep. 57: “Through the Bushes; The Autobiography of Gianni Pown: A Wang in the Woods”

It’s that time of year again! Summer is rapidly approaching and that means only one thing in Philadelphia: time for This is Hardcore fest. Old friend Chris Striegel stops by the BSB to fill youse in on all things TIHC-related and hypes us up for our favorite yearly festival. Chris gives us a rundown of who is on the bill for this year and drops an exclusive announcement about one of the many ancillary shows surrounding the main event. Chris X sticks around for the entire show and lends his expertise to the Biz talk. The OG is still no-selling and will not be insulted by the Biz. In usual fashion, the crew kicks it with all the standard BSB gimmicks: The Professor brings his tip of the week, Vinnie reads from the insanity manifesto known as “Dear Vin,” and a Chris X-centric version of Word Association is played. Episode 57 also sees the inception of rising superstar Gianni Pown, mama. After all that, the crew sends you home with another round of recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Life is the sieve through which our anarchy strains…

Ep. 56 – “I’ve Got Froot Loops in My Head Tonight”

After a trip to Old World Italy, (courtesy of The Professor), Broad Street Breakdown recaps the first ever Done Deal show and a night out on the town. Afterwards, Vinnie issues an apology to the Gimmick Gang. Then things get heavy. Episode 56 was recorded the same day the world got news of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell’s suicide. It’s a situation that really hits home for the crew, and a very in-depth and frank discussion of addiction and suicide ensues, with everyone really delving deep into personal experience and holding nothing back. It’s an intense exploration of some pretty dark shit, and the squad handles it with aplomb and dignity. Later on, in Biz talk, The OG is still no-selling and will not be insulted, and he and Vinnie field some wrestling questions from the Gimmick Gang. As usual, all the requisite gimmicks are played; Word Association, “Dear Vin,” The Professor gives you a tip on how to get free drinks, and we read some letters from the BSB Mailbag. As always, the show wraps up with some serious recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: They say things are gonna get better. All I know is they fuckin’ better…

Ep. 55 – “If You Like Megadeth You Can’t Listen to This Podcast”

It’s the OG’s birthday! BSB is back, and episode 55 kicks off with a tribute to the OG on his birthday with song and treats. After that, it’s right into the Biz as the boys discuss their most recent venture to House of Hardcore in Philly. A night at the 2300 Arena is punctuated with a coveted interview with Philadelphia’s biggest wrestling mark: The Wooch. Vinnie and the OG analyze, in depth, an off-the-cuff interview the Professor gets with a fixture of Philly’s wrestling scene. He’s the guy you see front row at every Philly-area wrestling event and the crew has affectionately dubbed him “The Wooch.” After that, The Broad Street Breakdown tries something new. A recent obsession with the channel Mtv Classic leads to a viewing party, and youse are invited along as the crew watches and comments on ‘80s metal videos from the glory days of “Headbangers Ball.” As usual, all the regular gimmicks shine: a couch-bound round of the Word Association game, The Professor gives Cheapo advice to a Gimmick Ganger seeking help in the ways of the Chep, Vinnie walks you down that dark path of “Dear Vin,” Cody Mac makes another guest appearance, and the BSB wraps it up with some prime recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Our attitude’s all fucked up and real shitty…

Ep. 54 – “I Know What I Do in the Bathroom and it Ain’t Fucking Sane”

Fresh from a long road travelled, Vinnie is back with some stories from life on tour with old friends 7L & Esoteric, and the BSB squad celebrates the return of a new episode. There is much to cover, and things get off to a rousing start with the Professor being shunned by the OG while Vinnie recounts a bizarre brand of behavior exhibited by Eso. A very personal discussion of bathroom etiquette ensues. The OG gives you the rundown on his new band: Done Deal, and their imminent debut. The return of the crew’s latest, all-encompassing obsession, “The Leftovers,” is discussed in depth as everybody tries to wrap their head around the show’s mind-boggling season premiere. In Biz talk, The OG and Vin recap Mania and gloat about how they were right in their Hardy Boys’ predictions while delving into what will become of the Broken Matt gimmick now that they’ve signed with Vince. All your favorite gimmicks return with Pablo’s Cheapo Tip, a round of Word, the BSB mailbag, and, of course, “Dear Vin.” We wrap it all up and send you home with some recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Are you morbid?

Ep. 53 – “I Hate When You Do Things That Make Me Upset”

Right out the box the OG pits another “Who wins in a fight” on youse, this one involving two of the top “Who’s worse” candidates, and these are two of the top strappers that ever strapped. It’s a posit that inspires some good, healthy, vitriol. Later, the boys delve into a discussion about parenting; specifically the idea of using physical violence to discipline children and the generational variations of what discipline is. The conversation takes on convention and addresses the “back in MY day” crowd. In Biz talk, more in-depth discussion of the evolution of Broken Matt Hardy and what is to become of the brothers. Will they end up with Vince? What’s going to happen at Wrestlemania? Speculation abounds and Vinnie and the OG proffer their theories. As expected, the usual gimmicks make an appearance; Vinnie takes another walk down the dark road that is “Dear Vin,” A Cheapo Tip is offered, Word Association goes for a round, The Professor reads emails from the BSB mailbag, and everybody pits up some excellent recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Where were you while we were getting high…

Ep. 52 – “Two Shitty Eyeball”

After a brief hiatus the BSB is back. Vinnie kicks it off with a tribute to a fallen friend as he recounts his friendship with recently passed Bill Paxton. Then, while in the midst of recounting the Sicko and The Professor’s trip to Brooklyn for a Sheer Terror show, the OG calls an audible, and, just like that, a new BSB game is born. The Gavin tells of his most recent bout with sickness and it leads into a vintage Man of the People story. Vinnie’s reading of a Curtis Scoon statement begins a crew discussion of personal accountability and the politics of left vs. right. In Biz talk, the OG and Paz celebrate the lives and careers of two fallen heroes and then discuss the recent happenings with Broken Matt Hardy. As usual, all the favorite gimmicks are revisited: word association, “Dear Vin,” the BSB mailbag, The Professor goes fox hunting in his latest Cheapo Tip, and, as we always do, the squad sends youse home with some nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: This one’s for you, never hang up your boots…

Ep. 47 – “Break Down the Banter”

It’s the Professor’s birthday, and that can only mean one thing: ice cream KECK! The crew surprises The Talent with the traditional BSB gimmicks of ice cream keck and cards. The OG calls an audible right out the box: no thinking about it, who are your top 3 hardcore singers of all time? The question goes around the table and leads into a nuanced discussion of the nature of the artist and what it means to grow along with one’s art. We all know of those certain artists that dropped that one life-altering album and never came close to catching that same lightning in a bottle. What is the science behind “falling off,” in an artistic sense? It’s an interesting discussion that wends its way through hardcore, punk, hip-hop, and any other genre of subculture music the guys can think of.  Afterwards, The OG and Vinnie talk Biz stuff, getting ready for the Royal Rumble and discussing the Hardy brothers. Without fail, the usual gimmicks make their appearance: word association, “Dear Vin,” letters from the BSB mailbag, and The Professor’s Cheapo Tip of the week (complete with a new twist and rating system). The gang wraps it all up and sends youse home with some personal recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: We’ll teach you a lesson in violence you won’t soon forget…