Ep. 65 – “If You Don’t Have The Marbles For This Life Anymore, Just Say So”

Episode 65: “If You Don’t Have The Marbles For This Life Anymore Just Say So”

It’s a birthday extravaganza!!! The crew celebrates Vinnie’s birthday with balloons, presents, and, of course, keck. A query is posed regarding Slayer’s appearance on late night TV talk shows. After the horrifying events in Las Vegas, a sobering discussion of violence, guns, rights, and the politicization of tragedy ensues. After a keck breck, some more sad news as Vinnie and the crew memorialize a dear old friend who recently passed; DJ Stef. In biz talk the discussion centers around the deaths of Lance Russell and Bobby The Brain and The OG and Pz reminisce about the glory days. The crew realizes how much they liked Tom Petty’s music and how brilliant Harry Dean Stanton was. The requisite gimmicks are revisited: Tall Paul’s word association box is back in play, “Dear Vin” is the usual horrorshow, The Professor has a birthday-themed Cheapo Tip, and Gimmick Gang mail is asked and answered. The BSB wraps it all up with the squad’s recommendations and that’s that. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Today is as good a day as any to tell you to go get fucked…

Ep. 17 – “I Mean… Who Wants to Live?”

Gavin taps? Coo be. Top 5 List time? Absolutely! Vinnie’s back from his tour, old friend James D-Ball joins the madness, and the BSB jumps right back into it with a a lengthy discussion about the upcoming Misfits reunion, with varying differences of opinions explored.  Then, the crew brings back an old favorite: a list show. This episode has Paz, The OG, The Professor, The Sicko, and Scott Stallone going heavy into their top 5 all-time greatest metal albums, with some surprises along the way. Youse asked for it, youse got it, and the ensuing discussions will have hammers wishing for a time machine trip back to the ‘80s. Also, as usual, Vinnie and The OG go heavy into the biz talk and break it down for the smarks and the marks. The regular segments appear; Word Association, Dear Vin, listener email, and The Professor even has a Cheapo story for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: How could hell be any worse?