Ep. 61 – “What’s Scary Now, Motherfucker?”

It’s a Jackie Brown kind of night! Jackie Brown sits in with the guys for this episode as she and the OG tell the story of the recent marriage proposal. It’s a tale to warm the heart. Everyone is very excited for the upcoming This Is Hardcore extravaganza and the Professor is excited about his trip “down da shore.” In true Pablo fashion, he pits a call out for free drinks while he vacations and a discussion of the Jersey shore ensues. The Sicko “ughhhh” counter is still working, pretzels and Slurpees abound, and the fidget spinners are spinning. Vinnie and the OG discuss, in depth, the upcoming McGregor vs. Mayweather debacle with their particular brand of insight. As usual, the BSB gimmicks are highlighted; word association, “Dear Vin,” and The Professor has something of a tip concerning leftover pretzels. There is mail to be read and, as always, we send youse home with some recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Fuck those unknown motherfuckers, without a ten foot pole they can’t touch us…

Ep. 59 – “One Simple Thread Can Get You Dead”

The crew is down to a trio this week as the Sicko is absent from this episode and nearly taps from illness. Right off the bat, The Professor’s comments lead to a game of “F, Marry, Kill,” with members of the Gimmick Gang being the subjects. It’s as disturbing as it sounds. Vinnie offers up a touching eulogy for Prodigy.  After that, a discussion of Bill Cosby trial begins. Does wealth trump the system? The crew examines the entitlement of ego and the hubris of a very disturbed man, and the bizarre worship of celebrity so prevalent in our culture. Vinnie and OG then discuss the Russo vs. Cornette battle. In absence of the Sicko, Vinnie takes over the word association gimmick. “Dear Vin” brings its usual incoherent madness, The Professor tells you how to get over on the cable companies, we dip into the BSB Mailbag, and, as always, we send youse home with some recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: “There must be some misunderstanding…”

Ep. 57: “Through the Bushes; The Autobiography of Gianni Pown: A Wang in the Woods”

It’s that time of year again! Summer is rapidly approaching and that means only one thing in Philadelphia: time for This is Hardcore fest. Old friend Chris Striegel stops by the BSB to fill youse in on all things TIHC-related and hypes us up for our favorite yearly festival. Chris gives us a rundown of who is on the bill for this year and drops an exclusive announcement about one of the many ancillary shows surrounding the main event. Chris X sticks around for the entire show and lends his expertise to the Biz talk. The OG is still no-selling and will not be insulted by the Biz. In usual fashion, the crew kicks it with all the standard BSB gimmicks: The Professor brings his tip of the week, Vinnie reads from the insanity manifesto known as “Dear Vin,” and a Chris X-centric version of Word Association is played. Episode 57 also sees the inception of rising superstar Gianni Pown, mama. After all that, the crew sends you home with another round of recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Life is the sieve through which our anarchy strains…

Ep. 56 – “I’ve Got Froot Loops in My Head Tonight”

After a trip to Old World Italy, (courtesy of The Professor), Broad Street Breakdown recaps the first ever Done Deal show and a night out on the town. Afterwards, Vinnie issues an apology to the Gimmick Gang. Then things get heavy. Episode 56 was recorded the same day the world got news of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell’s suicide. It’s a situation that really hits home for the crew, and a very in-depth and frank discussion of addiction and suicide ensues, with everyone really delving deep into personal experience and holding nothing back. It’s an intense exploration of some pretty dark shit, and the squad handles it with aplomb and dignity. Later on, in Biz talk, The OG is still no-selling and will not be insulted, and he and Vinnie field some wrestling questions from the Gimmick Gang. As usual, all the requisite gimmicks are played; Word Association, “Dear Vin,” The Professor gives you a tip on how to get free drinks, and we read some letters from the BSB Mailbag. As always, the show wraps up with some serious recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: They say things are gonna get better. All I know is they fuckin’ better…

Ep. 54 – “I Know What I Do in the Bathroom and it Ain’t Fucking Sane”

Fresh from a long road travelled, Vinnie is back with some stories from life on tour with old friends 7L & Esoteric, and the BSB squad celebrates the return of a new episode. There is much to cover, and things get off to a rousing start with the Professor being shunned by the OG while Vinnie recounts a bizarre brand of behavior exhibited by Eso. A very personal discussion of bathroom etiquette ensues. The OG gives you the rundown on his new band: Done Deal, and their imminent debut. The return of the crew’s latest, all-encompassing obsession, “The Leftovers,” is discussed in depth as everybody tries to wrap their head around the show’s mind-boggling season premiere. In Biz talk, The OG and Vin recap Mania and gloat about how they were right in their Hardy Boys’ predictions while delving into what will become of the Broken Matt gimmick now that they’ve signed with Vince. All your favorite gimmicks return with Pablo’s Cheapo Tip, a round of Word, the BSB mailbag, and, of course, “Dear Vin.” We wrap it all up and send you home with some recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Are you morbid?