Ep. 69 – “The 4th of July-Vul”

Episode 69: “The 4th of July-Vul”

‘Tis the season of giving, and the BSB is a gift that outlasts the holiday. We keep giving. After a classic Professor fuck up, jubilation is the order of the day, as we learn about Pablo’s holiday extravaganza. There’s a story about Pazzy and a bear, military pops, Yakov Smirnoff, and film stock. After that, it’s gift-getting time. Two very generous Gimmick Gangers sent some amazing presents to the show and everybody is blown away by the thoughtfulness of the gifts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Meanwhile, the “no pretzel” gimmick is still vexing the crew and even threatening to break up the band.  The Word Association gimmick gets a new twist as a longtime friend tries his hoof at submitting a word list. A special guest appearance pops everyone, “Dear Vin” is the same bizarre gagortion it always is, The Professor has a “collage” of wedding-inspired casino tips for youse, Gimmick Gang mail is read and answered, and, as always, the squad sets youse up with some real nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Find a weapon, bash their skulls in, don’t they make you sick? Kill these fuckin’ pricks…

Ep. 67 – “Lobotomized Kennedy”

It’s a family reunion as The Broad Street Breakdown celebrates the triumphant return of Cousin Friz! Everyone loves the Frank, and it’s like he never left. The crew gives a recap of the recent wedding of The OG and Jackie Brown, in which a splendid time was had by all. There was keck, there was dancing, masks, and everyone looked real sharp, ya dig? After that a more serious topic is broached: with the recent spate of sexual assault and abuse allegations in the world of entertainment, the squad gives their take on recent events in a discussion that encompasses mental health issues, addiction, and Corey Feldman’s movie. As usual, all the gimmicks make their rounds: a special Jimmy Blast edition of word association is proffered, The Talent has a wedding-themed Cheapo Tip, “Dear Vin” is the usual bloodbath you’ve come to expect, letters from the Gimmick Gang are read and answered, and, as always, we send youse home with some real nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Peace to my family, death to my enemies…

Ep. 63 – “Litigious: The Biggest Titties You’ve Ever Seen”

After a lengthy hiatus the BSB crew is back and there is much to discuss and a lot of catching up to do. The Sicko starts it off with an exclusive announcement about a new book his company will be publishing. The Professor recounts another trip “down da shore,” complete with a preemptive Cheapo Tip. The OG recounts the shooting of the latest Done Deal video. Triple Lindy Pazzy talks about his latest Jedi Mind Tricks tour while invoking the Revenge of the Nerds series of films as well as describing adventures trying to cross the border into Canada. Frank Vincent and Grant Hart are memorialized. Biz talk is back: Steen rules, AJ rules, and Raw is shit. But Smackdown was fucking brilliant. Biz talk leads into OG’s story about how he watched McGregor/Mayweather. The usual gimmicks make the rounds: Tall Paul’s magic box of suggestions fuels the Word Association game, the maniacs represent in “Dear Vin,” The Talent brings his Cheapo Tip and the crew answers questions from the Gimmick Gang. Everything wraps up with the boys’ recommendations and everyone goes home happy. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: DERNT!




Ep. 59 – “One Simple Thread Can Get You Dead”

The crew is down to a trio this week as the Sicko is absent from this episode and nearly taps from illness. Right off the bat, The Professor’s comments lead to a game of “F, Marry, Kill,” with members of the Gimmick Gang being the subjects. It’s as disturbing as it sounds. Vinnie offers up a touching eulogy for Prodigy.  After that, a discussion of Bill Cosby trial begins. Does wealth trump the system? The crew examines the entitlement of ego and the hubris of a very disturbed man, and the bizarre worship of celebrity so prevalent in our culture. Vinnie and OG then discuss the Russo vs. Cornette battle. In absence of the Sicko, Vinnie takes over the word association gimmick. “Dear Vin” brings its usual incoherent madness, The Professor tells you how to get over on the cable companies, we dip into the BSB Mailbag, and, as always, we send youse home with some recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: “There must be some misunderstanding…”

Ep. 57: “Through the Bushes; The Autobiography of Gianni Pown: A Wang in the Woods”

It’s that time of year again! Summer is rapidly approaching and that means only one thing in Philadelphia: time for This is Hardcore fest. Old friend Chris Striegel stops by the BSB to fill youse in on all things TIHC-related and hypes us up for our favorite yearly festival. Chris gives us a rundown of who is on the bill for this year and drops an exclusive announcement about one of the many ancillary shows surrounding the main event. Chris X sticks around for the entire show and lends his expertise to the Biz talk. The OG is still no-selling and will not be insulted by the Biz. In usual fashion, the crew kicks it with all the standard BSB gimmicks: The Professor brings his tip of the week, Vinnie reads from the insanity manifesto known as “Dear Vin,” and a Chris X-centric version of Word Association is played. Episode 57 also sees the inception of rising superstar Gianni Pown, mama. After all that, the crew sends you home with another round of recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Life is the sieve through which our anarchy strains…

Ep. 40 – “What, Are We New to This Dance?”

What is going on with the punk rock world? First the Bad Brains get nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now Rollins is a Calvin Klein model? It’s Thunderdome! A discussion of the newly released Don Letts documentary, “Skinhead,” leads into talk about the controversial Rollins billboard in NYC and the topic of “selling out” comes back into play. What does the term mean? To whom does it apply? Later, questions arise about the parameters of THE LIST, and an entirely new dimension of criteria for listing is explored. Who is exempt from THE LIST? Who gets pit on THE LIST this episode? *tap tap tap* You might be surprised…  Professor Pablo brings back the Cheapo Tip for another round, word association comes back, Vinnie leads youse into the black pit of despair known as “Dear Vin,” Pablo dips into the mailbag and, as always, we line up some very excellent recommendations for everyone. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Do you remember in 1969 seeing all the skinheads standing in a line…

Ep. 39 – “How Long Am I Expected to Be in a Good Mood?”

Back to the writers’ room! In another burst of creativity, Vinnie and The OG dive back into the script for The Heads show. More twists and turns; more absurd plotlines and character development take place as we watch this brilliant masterpiece evolve. Then, the punk rock topic that everyone’s been talking about gets aired out by the crew: The Bad Brains have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What does it mean? What does the BSB think of it? The discussion that ensues explores the ramifications of what happens when subculture is thrust into the mainstream and the end result is the creation of a new BSB institution. Later, the Biz talk returns with Vinnie and the OG devising a plan the will include some audience participation, so all youse marks better take heed. The regular gimmicks get their shine too, with a special “guest star” sitting in on word association. The OG delivers a verdict on the controversial Cheapo Tip of the Week. Will it return? Will it be banished forever? Vinnie relives the horror show that is “Dear Vin,’ The Professor reads from the mailbag, and we send you home with some succulent recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: This is the voice of a generation, of unemployment and aggravation…

Ep. 38 – “Respect the Shooters”

The time-honored art of show flyers and band art is examined in this episode of the Breakdown, with The OG and Vinnie leading a discussion that encompasses the enduring art of the punk rock flyer. What makes a band logo “iconic?” The crew discusses the band art that has stuck with them the most and how it has impacted their lives. In Biz talk, Vinnie and The OG bring you another list, and this one ain’t as generous as the last one. As usual the favorite gimmicks make their regularly scheduled appearances: word association, the mail bag, That pit of unending horrors known as “Dear Vin,” and, like we always do, the BSB crew hooks you up with some recommendations to check out. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: My only wish, my one desire: set your fucking world on fire…

Ep. 37 – “It’s Us Just Trying to Get Through the Day, Man”

Oh, you thought we were done with the whole “Head to the Future” TV show gimmick? Not even close. A listener’s social media comment sparks even more insight into the strange world of Vinnie and The OG’s cryogenic head saga, and the ensuing ruminations of a body-less existence get even more demented than last time. Re-writes to the script see Professor Pablo’s head pit onto a kangaroo’s body as he becomes a heavy for the heads. Did we lose you yet? No worries; it’ll all be explained in the pitch meeting. Also: The OG wants to punch out a horse. In Biz talk: Billy Pumpkins is suing EVERYBODY and once again Vinnie and the OG discuss the possible return of Goldberg. The OG continues to impose his embargo on the Professor’s Cheapo Tip, but the usual gimmicks all make an appearance. Everyone gets into a round of word association, Vinnie walks youse through the nonsense that is “Dear Vin,” Professor Pablo reads your emails and we wrap it all up with some recommendations for youse. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: ONE STEP BEYOND….

Ep. 35 – “Maybe He Missed His Daily Meal of Dick-Flavored Alpo”

It’s the birthday show! Broad Street Breakdown is all about family, and this week the crew and the Gavin family celebrate Vinnie’s recent birthday with cards, gifts and a Carvel ice cream keck. Then, it’s time for… THE LIST. And, trust us: you do NOT want to be on the list. Paz and OG unveil their newest gimmick: a book that records and keeps track of all transgressions and fuck ups. You fuck around? YOU’RE ON THE LIST. We don’t like you? ON THE LIST! Anybody can end up on the list, and you won’t believe who is the first entry. Later, a conversation begins about the origins of MTV, but quickly gets derailed and devolves into the crew remembering late-‘70s Philadelphia local TV shows like Larry Ferrari and dear old Captain Noah. Vinnie and The OG get into the Biz talk by discussing the potential return of Goldberg. Then, in a stunning turn of events, Professor Pablo puts an end to the Cheapo Tip after getting harassing messages from a listener who has now ruined it for EVERYONE. The OG even has to step in and set things straight. The usual, less controversial gimmicks get their go-round; Word Association, “Dear Vin,” the BSB Mailbag, and, of course, the crew puts it to bed with some more recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: Everywhere we go they shout: “you got a chip on your shoulder”