Ep. 54 – “I Know What I Do in the Bathroom and it Ain’t Fucking Sane”

Fresh from a long road travelled, Vinnie is back with some stories from life on tour with old friends 7L & Esoteric, and the BSB squad celebrates the return of a new episode. There is much to cover, and things get off to a rousing start with the Professor being shunned by the OG while Vinnie recounts a bizarre brand of behavior exhibited by Eso. A very personal discussion of bathroom etiquette ensues. The OG gives you the rundown on his new band: Done Deal, and their imminent debut. The return of the crew’s latest, all-encompassing obsession, “The Leftovers,” is discussed in depth as everybody tries to wrap their head around the show’s mind-boggling season premiere. In Biz talk, The OG and Vin recap Mania and gloat about how they were right in their Hardy Boys’ predictions while delving into what will become of the Broken Matt gimmick now that they’ve signed with Vince. All your favorite gimmicks return with Pablo’s Cheapo Tip, a round of Word, the BSB mailbag, and, of course, “Dear Vin.” We wrap it all up and send you home with some recommendations. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Are you morbid?

Ep. 53 – “I Hate When You Do Things That Make Me Upset”

Right out the box the OG pits another “Who wins in a fight” on youse, this one involving two of the top “Who’s worse” candidates, and these are two of the top strappers that ever strapped. It’s a posit that inspires some good, healthy, vitriol. Later, the boys delve into a discussion about parenting; specifically the idea of using physical violence to discipline children and the generational variations of what discipline is. The conversation takes on convention and addresses the “back in MY day” crowd. In Biz talk, more in-depth discussion of the evolution of Broken Matt Hardy and what is to become of the brothers. Will they end up with Vince? What’s going to happen at Wrestlemania? Speculation abounds and Vinnie and the OG proffer their theories. As expected, the usual gimmicks make an appearance; Vinnie takes another walk down the dark road that is “Dear Vin,” A Cheapo Tip is offered, Word Association goes for a round, The Professor reads emails from the BSB mailbag, and everybody pits up some excellent recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Where were you while we were getting high…

Ep. 52 – “Two Shitty Eyeball”

After a brief hiatus the BSB is back. Vinnie kicks it off with a tribute to a fallen friend as he recounts his friendship with recently passed Bill Paxton. Then, while in the midst of recounting the Sicko and The Professor’s trip to Brooklyn for a Sheer Terror show, the OG calls an audible, and, just like that, a new BSB game is born. The Gavin tells of his most recent bout with sickness and it leads into a vintage Man of the People story. Vinnie’s reading of a Curtis Scoon statement begins a crew discussion of personal accountability and the politics of left vs. right. In Biz talk, the OG and Paz celebrate the lives and careers of two fallen heroes and then discuss the recent happenings with Broken Matt Hardy. As usual, all the favorite gimmicks are revisited: word association, “Dear Vin,” the BSB mailbag, The Professor goes fox hunting in his latest Cheapo Tip, and, as we always do, the squad sends youse home with some nice recommendations. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown: This one’s for you, never hang up your boots…

Ep. 51 – “Why Is Cubsey in the Oven?”

Right out the gate, the OG decides he hates episode 51 and his mood sets the tone. The Sicko comes bearing a gift for the show that pops everyone. After catching up, the BSB crew gets into it with a discussion of feminism and the issues of men vs. women, gender politics and roles, suppression and oppression in our culture. In Biz talk, Vinnie and the OG wrap up the Royal Rumble and then look towards the upcoming Wrestlemania and offer some predictions. As usual, the squad brings you your favorite gimmicks: The Professor has a new Cheapo Tip for you, and everyone settles in for another round of Word Association while a special guest and brand new friend joins the game. Vinnie travels down the dark path that is “Dear Vin,” Pablo reads some Gimmick Gang emails, and the boys wrap it all up with some elegant recommendations for youse. It’s The Broad Street Breakdown:  Send our regards to a nation on fire and, with love, a bouquet of barbed wire…

Ep. 14 – “There’s Us and There’s Them… And We Ain’t Them”

Fresh off a festival performance, Vinnie returns from Vegas with some Jedi Mind Tricks stories. The crew pays homage to the great Allen Iverson while the OG Gavin takes up the call as the Man of the People and airs his beef with the Villanova parade. The crew dissects the latest Professor Pablo film, “The Civil War,” and, of course, Wrestlemania is discussed at length. Vinnie and the OG explain why they have heat with Hulk Hogan, and why you should, too. The Johnny Marr drop is premiered, with a giant middle finger to Sicko. Professor Pablo returns with another Cheapo Tip of the Week, there’s a round of the Word Association gimmick, listener mail is read and answered, and the crew comes through with more killer recommendations for youse. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: We talking about PRACTICE.

Ep. 13 – “My Head Is Angry”

After a bit of a hiatus the Broad Street Breakdown returns. Vinnie recaps a trip to NYC and some work put in with the legendary D.I.T.C. crew. Bouffant Pablo aka Professor Goodbody cuts a popcorn promo. The Man of the People has heat with just about EVERYBODY in a Dunkin Donuts. The good brother Planetary stops by and joins in as the crew pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Phife. Afterwards, the boys delve into a deep discussion about liking artists whose personal viewpoints and artistic expressions may not jibe with their own. It’s an interesting conversation that explores a lot more than just art and music. Then, OG and Vinnie bring it all back to the biz, as they set youse up real nice with a go home show in preparation for the upcoming Wrestlemania gimmick. Another round of the Word Association game takes place, listener email is read, the crew drops their recommendations and, of course, Professor Pablo hooks you up with another Cheapo Tip of the Week. It’s the Broad Street Breakdown: Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.